About the Village

West End & Mill End
West End & Mill End

Chadlington is a village with a population of at least 825 people* in no less than 360 households* spread out along the south-facing slope of the Evenlode Valley in Oxfordshire. The nearest town is Chipping Norton, 3.5 miles to the north-east. The nearest railway station is at Charlbury, 3 miles to the south-east, from which many people commute to work in either Oxford and London.

The Five Ends

The village is divided into five “Ends” which probably grew up around the original farmsteads and are still separated by open fields: East End which includes the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, the Manor House, the Manor Farm, and the School (technically in West End), West End (Lowlands Farm, Methodist Chapel and Shops), Brook End (Blaythorne Farm), Green End (Lower Court Farm), and Mill End (The Tite Inn and Upper Court Farm).

Amenities & Businesses

Two farms and 2 pubs have disappeared in the last 30 years. There are three shops – (Cafe de la Post, Chadlington Quality Foods, and Slatters Butchers) and a garage which carries out repairs (although the former Central Garage was demolished in recent years and replaced by a row of new houses at Harvey’s Corner. Other amenities include the Tite Inn, Sports and Social Club, Memorial Hall and the Bowls Club. Over 80 children from Chadlington and the surrounding villages attend the Primary School.

Chadlington is still recognisable as the farming village it has been for over a thousand years but recent agricultural upheavals have been felt here – the last milking at Blaythorne was in 1999. There are no longer any dairy herds in the village and there has been a move away from livestock and farming in general. Chadlington is home to a wide variety of small businesses, run from homes, workshops or studios, covering a wealth of trades.

* Information based on the 2011 Census. Find out more facts and figures about the village from the last Census http://www.chadlington.com/wp-content/uploads/Chadlington-village-data.pdf.

This page adapted from the Introduction written by Ann Stephens to the Chadlington Millenium Year photograph book

Village Map

Chadlington Village Map We thought it would be useful to have a handy map of the village for visitors and residents. This is my first attempt at the design so there may be further revisions. If you have any questions about the map or suggestions for …

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Annual Events

Chadlington hosts some fabulous Annual Events – find out about them here!

Chadlington History

Chadlington is mentioned in the Domesday book in 1086 as Cedelintone, which became Chadleytone in 1268 and Chedelinton in 1307. It has been said that St. Chad, a native of Northumbria who died in 672 lived in the village. To the north-west of the village …

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Local natural environment

We would like to add a description of the local natural environment here. One new development is the Pocket Nature Reserve, recently started by the Wychwood Project. Craig Blackwell, previously county ecologist for Oxfordshire, has written to us about why he volunteered to help with establishing …

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